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"We provide quality architectural and engineering support for CAD, CAD/CAM services which reduces your defect rates and results in faster turn around time."

We aim at quality CADD services that strive to exceed the client’s expectations and raise their quality index. We believe in creating successful relationship with our clients based on fast, responsive customer services while maintaining the high quality. The quality chart is depicted below:

The completed projects are passed to the quality department for quality check. Our quality department follows a minimum of two tier checking system (a three-tier checking system in case of complex work). The quality team compares the original drawings with the finished drawings. Some of the checks per service are mentioned below:

2D drafting and detailing work

  • Layers as per client standards
  • Dimensions with the respect to input
  • Scale as per client requirement
  • CADD standards like line type, line thickness, text height, arrow type, nomenclature, general notes, dimension text and arrows etc
  • Title block in relevance to drawing

Structural design and analysis

  • Loadings and load combination as per relevant codes
  • Design calculations
  • Check structural elements for failure
  • Material properties
  • Sections

3D modeling, animation

  • Dimensions of the model with the input
  • Proportion of the model with the surroundings
  • Material specification as per input
  • Human, landscape etc
  • Layers and CADD standards like color, text etc

In case of any correction, the drawings will be returned back with necessary instructions to the concerned team member to modify. If corrections amount to more than 20%, the drawings are rejected and are allocated to another team member to complete it. If the scale of corrections is up to 20%, the drawings are returned back to the same team member to re-correct it. After the satisfactory completion of quality check, the work is sent to the auditor for further verification. The auditor checks the final drawings using acceptance sampling process and forwards it to the project manager. The project manager reviews the final result and if not satisfied then resends the work to the quality department. The work is sent to the manager only when the project manager is satisfied with the work. After brief review, the manager dispatches the drawings to the client.