Friday, 20 August 2010 03:18

"We have well defined process which enhances our quality and accuracy, and at the same time ensures timely responses, real time communication with clients, reduction in cost and turn around time."

We have well defined methodology which facilitates quality and timely services, starting from project understanding to final dispatch. This has enabled us to meet most our commitments with increased productivity while maintaining quality standards. We follow a systematic, functional and all-encompassing workflow. A schematic representation of the workflow is depicted below:

We receive your inquiry along with the inputs, mentioning your standards and specifications. Then, we review the inputs received, and if required, seek clarification from you so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework. Next, we send you a quote. Once the quote is approved, the senior manager allocates your work to the project manager. The project manager decides the workflow and schedule, and accordingly distributes the work to the concerned group. The group and the quality department (in case of complex work) are also informed about the standards which are to be followed for the drawings. After the completion of work, it is passed to the quality department. Once the quality check is completed satisfactory, the work is sent to the auditor. The auditor checks the final drawings using acceptance sampling process and forwards it to the project manager.

The project manager reviews the final result and if not satisfied then resends the work to the quality department. The work is sent to the manager only when the project manager is satisfied with the work. After brief review, the manager dispatches the drawings to the client.